Lead management

Convert leads to customers with cutting-edge
lead management. 

New day, new leads. Every lead is an opportunity.
Manage leads, seize the day, seize your opportunities. 

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lead detail

Collect, manage, and differentiate your lead data.

Show your potential customers that you care. Make use of fully detailed contact info : the name of leads, mobile no., emails, date of contact, and designated lead statuses.

Automate the assignment of incoming leads.

You no longer have to manually assign leads to your sales employees. Simply set assignment conditions on the system. So, sit back, relax, and allow your team to provide a connected customer experience.

Closing a deal is merely one call away.

Make direct in-app calls to your customer and conveniently plan your next customer follow-up actions.

Written notes are a thing of the past.

Written notes are a thing of the past.

Call, converse, and save lead conversations.

Know your leads, know your customers. Instantly identify who’s calling.

Ensure that every inbound call from a lead, regardless of whether or not it has been saved on your phone, displays name tags and company details. This allows you to focus on what’s ahead, instead of worrying about minor details.

Plan-ahead to stay-ahead.
Follow up on your leads with timely reminders.

Following-up on leads can be a tedious and memory intensive task.
Plan next actions with follow-up reminders, reminding you of which leads to call and when to call them for the best results. 

Capture, seal, and deliver leads to your sales team with smart lead generation forms.

Designing a lead generation form is a crucial first step to achieving your sales targets. Define fields, deploy URLs, and capture all your leads in one go.

Track customers, schedule meetings, and close your deals by creating activity plans.

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment with a lead, create activity plans using the activity management feature. This feature displays all lead related appointments on an easy-to-understand activity calendar.

Once your leads have been converted into customers, learn how to retain them using customer management.

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