Verify the authenticity of products using the power of CodeGuard

Real or Fake

Do so using

unique QR code
and Serial number

Simply scan products using mobile to see specific product information, such as product registration details.

Which businesses would benefit from CodeGuard?

Businesses that require a system to issue and register product Serial Numbers

Businesses under continuous threat of intellectual property theft and counterfeiting

Loyalty program
Businesses that wish to establish loyalty programs

Solve all your problems,
and simply do so by arming yourself with CodeGuard.

Ensure authenticity and instill confidence in your customers.

Do so by using CodeGuard.

identify fake goods


Fake Goods

Whether customers are at the storefront or shopping from online channels, they may simply check the authenticity of products by simply scanning QR codes using the Line application. It takes only a few steps to verify products!

Build Customer

Loyalty Program

Should you wish to encourage product sales,

simply create QR Codes that reward loyal customers with points. Reward their loyalty with prizes and promotions.

dashboard data

Know Data, 

Know Your Customer

Saving customer is no longer difficult, nor is it tedious.

You can simply save your customer info by scanning QR codes

for further marketing analysis.

Solve Customer Problems

Generate QR codes to enable your customers

to report problems and issues related to your products.

Solve Customer Problems

Generate QR codes to enable your customers to report problems and issues related to your products.

qr-code codeGuard

Get direct sales customers

Spread and share marketing promo news by deploying QR codes, allowing your customers to conveniently scan and access your marketing content and product info with ease

In 3 Simple Steps

Scan QR Codes to add the merchant’s ID

Tap on the Rich Menu to register

Input registration details

CodeGuard by Venio CRM

Protect your products from counterfeiting.

Establish trust and satisfaction, build meaningingful relations with your customer base.

Reduce further costs by making use of convenient QR code technology.

Directly communicate with your customers using QR codes.

Ensure the growth of your

business in the digital era using


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